Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Tapenade Team welcomes Sister-Aunt Laura who is sharing food and experiences in a California walk-about to look at colleges and simply enjoy family time together. What a wonderful adventure, and that rockfish is calling my name. Very cool that they support sustainable fisheries, more and more a global issue. Thank you Sister-Aunt and keep the photos coming. San Luis Obispo, California and Cal Poly State look well worth the visit.

Sister-Aunt writes for Tapenade from San Luis Obispo, California

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Aloha Maui......Thank You!

The lifestyle blog quickly turned into "what's for lunch in Maui". Hard not to focus on that. A week in Maui is heaven, but of course leaves you wanting just a bit more. After the "must do" sightseeing has been done and enjoyed, the real "Maui style" kicks in. For me that means getting up with the Fracolin's, Mina's and the morning doves as they greet the day. Coffee on the lanai, preparing papaya, mango and pineapple and then enjoying it. Off to the beach as the sun continues to rise over Haleakala and three hours of swimming capped off with some body surfing - yes.....you get abrasions, worth it. Lunch, a little reading and back to the beach to walk for miles. Barefoot through the surf, sandals on for the rocky cliffs and grassy bird sanctuary areas.

My six mile walk today was my favorite. Local families were filling the state parks and the beaches and having fun together. The chicken, steak and pork were on the barbecues and it looked like a lot of Fanta Orange soda was being enjoyed. My good fortune on rounding a turn and coming to the edge of a cliff was hump back whales at play and in sight of my bare, not binoculars eyes. What a great last day. At sunset I had my final visit with Tom and his coconut dog Kelle while I watched a sea turtle swim by.

What next, dinner tonight from Da Kitchen. You can't leave the island without takeout from Da Kitchen. This local treasure was invited to prepare food for President O'Bamas Inaugural party and for most Maui goers it is either the first or last meal on the island. We will share the Hawaiian plate, some coconut shrimp and teriyaki chicken. This is the "best of" Maui plate meals, and Tapenade followers can see that we've enjoyed the best of Maui in terms of family friendly meals.

The Tapenade Team, We love Maui and would come back to the same condo and same beach for eternity:) The rest of the family.....most ready to move on. Aloha, thanks for sharing our Maui experience. The music.....ukulele of course, backed by a conch shell blowing.

Road to Hana

Star Noodle - Lahaina